Social Media Week is an annual conference that takes place simultaneously in multiple cities around the world. The aim is to identify and advance uses of social media in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors.

The second annual conference will take place between February 1st - 5th, 2010 simultaneously in New York City, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Toronto and São Paulo. The five day conference will explore the profound impact that social media has on culture, business communications and society at large.

The week-long, international Social Media Week conference is designed as a series of localized events, which city partners are responsible for organizing.  Over the course of the week and in each city, programs will span a variety of formats, ranging from talks, presentations and panel discussions, to interactive workshops, seminars, networking events and drinks receptions.

Each event, including the live stream and backchannel conversations will be hosted on the Social Media Week website, allowing for participants from around the world and across multiple cities to take part in the conference.

“Social media has permeated society and is creating a global community that is unprecedented in scope.  Social Media Week embraces this phenomenon and is pioneering the way as a global platform for conversation, connectivity and learning.  The conference aims to advance the uses of social media in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors, and engage communities on a local and global level.”

Toby Daniels, founder and organizer of Social Media Week

Social Media Week organizers and local partners will plan some of the events, however just as in 2009, the local business community has been invited to add their own events to the program to broaden the scope and diversity of the conference. 

The initial program of events will be published soon, in the meantime, if you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you.


Social Media Week 2009 was organized over five days and consisted of over 35 events hosted in multiple locations around the city, including events at the New York Times, Nielsen, Razorfish and Wired.

In total, over 2,000 people attended the inaugural event and an additional 5,000 people experienced the events live on this website with many more participating in the backchannel conversations via Twitter and Facebook.


Testimonials from 2009 partners:

“Here at Razorfish we’re excited to support Social Media Week and help put the spotlight on the New York Social Media scene so that it gets the attention it deserves. In this trying economic environment more companies are turning to social to help them solve critical business problems and reach more customers. Social Media Week furthers that conversation in a very meaningful, tactile and inspirational manner.”

Shiv Singh - VP & Global Social Media Lead, Razorfish

“Social Media Week puts on display the best of New York’s tech and media industry. It’s a week about community and innovation. What could be better?”

Nate Westheimer - Leader of NY Tech Meetup

“New York is at the epicenter of technology, advertising, and media. It’s a city where more people are connected by more people than anywhere I’ve seen. It’s the perfect setting for a week filled with lively discussion around community, technology, and the future — and I can’t think of a better group of people to be having that discussion with.

Ian Schafer - Founder & CEO, Deep Focus